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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 31, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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taking care of us here. they were fantastic. that's it for this special edition for "special report" for this time. the only place you will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. i will be back in washington for tomorrow night's show. we hope you will join us. until then, good night from jerusalem. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: fires rage. 164 square miles burned. 12,000 homes threatened. tonight, the fight. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. it almost doubled in size overnight. now, the monitor wildfire is threatening thousands of homes. >> our house is gone. the whole block has been leveled. shepard: we're live on the front lines of the fire fight. shepard: and former vice president dick cheney says president obama is punishing the cia interrogators who kept the
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country safe after the attack of 9/11. >> i think it's an outrageous political act. the enhanced interrogation techniques are absolutely essential in saving thousands of american lives. shepard: tonight, the white house fires back. >> it's the same song and dance it that we have heard since literally the first day of our administration. shepard: that story in a moment. fox report begins with the wildfires. they are threatening thousands of homes and breaking at this hour, at least five people are said to be trapped in their houses in southern california. police now tell us that they told the homeowner to evacuate two days ago and some didn't listen. now a sheriff's helicopter unable to reach them. more on that development presently. first, fires are actually burning all across the state. but the biggest concern tonight or this afternoon in california is in the suburbs just north of los angeles. where the fires have doubled in size over just the past day. the largest wildfire now 164
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square miles. that's an area double the size of seattle, washington. and they tell us the flames have destroyed already at least 21 homes. that they are threatening 12,000 more. but as i mentioned, a number of fires are burning across the state, including 1 which has destroyed several homes near sacramento. a camera crew was there as one of the people who lived on the block returned to see what was left. >> oh, god. >> our house is gone. >> are you serious? >> i'm standing right there, honey. >> are you looking at it? >> i'm right at the corner house. the whole block has been leveled, our block. shepard: tonight as fire crews struggled to prevent this from happening in the l.a. area, they are mourning two of their colleagues, firefighters who died when their truck ran off the side of the road over the weekend. neath -- anita vogel is live on the front lands. i mentioned five people trapped right now. what do we know about that? >> well, right, shepard.
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no surprise that people are trapped. take a look behind me. you can see how close the flames get to a neighborhood. this hillside behind me is about 150 yards from a huge row of homes. as for this particular family, well, they were called to evacuate on saturday. they didn't listen. well, today things got pretty scary for them. the flames got very close. they called the sheriff's department and asked to be rescued. the sheriff's department tried to send a helicopter in. but the conditions were just too dangerous. so they told the family they would have to wait until the fire passed. and shepard that is the latest we have on that situation. we are waiting for news. shepard: anita fire crews are also saying they are worried about communication towers for television and for emergency response. tell us about that. >> right, shepard. as if they didn't have enough to worry about, they are highly concerned about an area called mount willson, which is 20 miles away from here. it's home to a number of police
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radio and fire communication towers. those towers handle all of those communications, including the emergency communication center going on now. they also provide a signal for about 15% of broadcast signal for about 15% of all los angeles residents. firefighters have been dousing mount wilson, those towers with fire retar dantd all day. now they are just hoping for the best. they do believe fire could, in fact, reach those towers today. but, like i said, they are hoping for the best. shepard? shepard: anita vogel live on the fire lines. back to her as news warrants. also from california the man who police say kidnapped a little girl and held her captive for 18 years, raping her along the way. may also be linked to a string of unsolved murders. that from police. the man is philip delaware doe. he -- garrido. he is on the left. he is accused akidnapping jaycee when she was 11 years old. she son the left. she was a child.
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police say philip and his wife nancy kidnapped her and keeping her for two decades. is he a convicted sex offender who we are told raped jaycee dugard and fathered her daughters who are 11 and 15 years old. i know you can see them elsewhere but we are not going to show them. they are victims enough already. this is the desshelved backyard where police say victims and her daughters lived. dugard worked for her kidnapper's printing business. she had access to email and a phone. she was allowed to leave the property. but we're not all together sure she ever asked for help or tried to escape. i mean, imagine how messed up she must have been. our family -- one family acquaintance says something was different about their relationship. >> one time he brought his daughter into the office. he introduced her as his daughter. she was very quiet. what i remember about her was like if he moved around the office, she moved right with him. shepard: of course, that was not
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his daughter. tonight the search for other victims is unfolding before our eyes. police looking into unsolved cases that they hope might fit the profile. claudia cowan is in antioch, california this afternoon. claudia, what's the latest on this investigation and now these unsolved murders? >> well, shepard, day three of the big search effort out here in a press conference just moments away. can i show you that the cadaver dogs are back. can you see one sniffing in this yard right next to me. we have been listening to the chainsaws and the shovels coming from the now infamous backyard of phil garrido, it's just on the other side of that wooden fence. this yard right next to it also a crime scene because police say he lived in one of the sheds back there when he was a care terrorism here a few years ago. -- caretaker. investigators taking no chances that garrido may be linked to other cold cases. including, shepard, of the unsolved murders of several prostitutes whose bodies were found near an industrial park where garrido worked in the
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1990s. shepard: claudia, the kidnapping victim here jaycee dugard is now back with her family. do we have any information on how she is doing? >> jaycee and her mother remain in seclusion at an undisclosed location. they are vigorously protecting their privacy. we were told that jaycee feels guilty for having bonded with her abductor and she is now working with counselors to try to adapt to her new life along with her two little girls who are reportedly asking where their father is we have these recent photos of the two children taken at a birthday party. you mentioned that we blurred out their faces to protect their identity. they have been through enough. shepard, they grew up believing that jaycee was their older sister alise savment still unclear whether they now know the truth that, in fact, alyssa is their mother, jaycee dugard. shepard: claudia cowan live on scene in antioch, california. now politics. and what former vice president dick cheney is calling an outrage juts move by the obama
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administration. the decision to investigate the cia interrogation of terrorist suspects. cheney says it's having a devastating impact on morale in the intelligence community. and that could threaten our national security. the former vice president spoke on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace over the weekend. he said the harsh interrogation tactics have prevented attacks and saved lives. dick cheney using some strong language. listen to this. >> i guess the other thing that offends the hell out of me frankly, chris, is we had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those who were involved in that policy and say "how did you do it? what were the keys to keeping this country safe over that period of time?" shepard: well the justice department says whether the tactics worked, it's their job to decide whether they were legal. and the white house is firing back at dick cheney today. listen to this.
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>> i'm not entirely sure that dick cheney's predictions on foreign policy have born a whole lot of fruit over the last eight years in a way that have been either positive or, best of my recollection, very correct. >> well, still, there is at least one top democrat who says the interrogation investigation may not be a good idea. catherine herridge is live in washington. and on this one, catherine. >> yeah, thanks, shep. democrat dianne feinstein. reviewing the program. told cbs news although she was horrified by the cia's internal report quote candidly, i wish that the attorney general had waited. suggesting that mr. holder's decision might get in the way of the committee's work. feinstein also noted that persistent leaks about the program were not preventing the whole story, shep. shepard: obama administration as he futures taking us back to a pre-9/11 mind set. >> that's right. that is one of the more
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significant claims in the interview that this new group created by the obama administration headquartered at the fbi that will decide how he questioned high valued detainees such as osama bin laden on ocase-by-case basis is a throwback to the mind set that paved the way for 9/11. >> if we had tried to do that back in the aftermath of 9/11. when we captured khalid sheik mohammed the master mind of 9/11. we would have gotten no place. i think it moves very much in the direction of going back to the old way of looking at these terrorist attacks. these are law enforcement problems. that this isn't a strategic threat to the united states. >> the other side of this argument is that the documents the former vice president wanted declassified that he said would show how much intelligence was gathered from detainees like khalid sheik mohammed. they make no mention whatsoever of the controversial program are the use of waterboarding and thousand directly led to specific intelligence and that is why there is so much controversy because the documents are clearly open to
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interpretation. shepard: no doubt. catherine herridge live on capitol hill. thank you. tonight stunning accusation. the british government releaseed a convicted terrorist who murdered americans. in exchange for oil. now the u.k. insists there was no deal to free the panam 103 bomber. and now the brits claim they can prove it. details on how they plan to do that next. school supplies?
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shepard: so how are things going in afghanistan? a long awaited assessment of that war from the top u.s. commander there. the specifics of the report are still classified, but in a statement, the general, stanley mccrystal, describes the war in afghanistan as serious, yet still winnable. he says we need a revised strategy to mentally defeat the taliban. the report is seen as part of the groundwork for a request to send more american forces, just next year. although he hasn't yet made that
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request. it comes as the u.s. reaches an unwelcome milestone in the war. two more american service members killed in separate bombings. that brings the number of dead this month to 41. and that makes this month the deadliest for u.s. forces in afghanistan. since that conflict began in 2001. there are new reports today that the british government freed the lockerbie bomber of panam flight 103, freed him from prison as part of a major oil deal between the united kingdom and dib i -- libya. that's from british papers. they are promising to come clean and release all the documents related to thinksca. he is the only person convicted in the 19 8 pam an bombing that killed 278 people. many of them americans. many of them college students. he served just eight years of a life sentence after scotland's justice minister released him on what were described as humanitarian grounds. doctors say he is dying of
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cancer. terminal. this is new video of him at a hospital in libya. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us on the latest on this. both governments are denying that this man's release was part of any deal. is there any evidence to refute that? >> there is certainly evidence to raise some troubling questions, shep. most of it is contained in letters written by the u.k. justice secretary jack straw. now take a look at this time line. july 26th, 2007. mr. straw wrote to scottish counter part that britain opposed the release of al megrahi. in december of 2007 he reversed that decision saying they would allow him to be part of a deal to release certain prisoners. then just six weeks after that january 29, 2008, libya suddenly ratified a multi billion-dollar oil and gas deal with the british-based company b.p. so that doesn't prove anything. it doesn't prove there was a quid pro quo, but it certainly
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is raising some eyebrows, shep. >> did the white house know? did the brits tell the white house? it's hard to imagine they would. >> it's very hard to imagine they wouldn't. we don't have any proof either way right now as to whether the british government, the scottish government, or the u.k. government sitting in london told the white house what was happening. it is hard to believe that they wouldn't inform them if they were about to release a man who had killed 180 americans. but two options here. either they did tell the bush administration or later the obama administration and they signed off on it, which is bad enough. all the british government didn't tell the u.s. and that, shep, would seem to be even worse. >> it certainly would. now the question, the british government says this was all scotland. that's not how things work is, it? >> it's not how things work. we will find out more when the british government releasing all the documents tomorrow. but the bottom line is. this the scottish parliament does not have any power whatsoever over foreign policy. clearly the release of al
7:18 pm
megrahi was a foreign policy decision that had to be taken by the u.k. government sitting in london led by gordon brown. he denies it. i hate to call him a liar. but certainly shep is he being economical with the truth. shepard: thank you. a brutal mass murder inside a mobile home leaves eight people dead and another critical. police alerted by a frantic 911 call from a man who says he came home to find his family slaughtered. >> i shepard: more of that 911 call and it is telling. and why police arrested the man who made that call. that's next. n
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shepard: police in georgia now say the fbi has joined the investigation of those gruesome weekend killings at a mobile home park. police found seven people dead on saturday morning. an eighth has since died. the lone survivor identified in local reports as a 3-year-old boy said to be critical but improving at a hospital in savanna. now the police won't say how the victims were killed. they have named no suspects. but they do have one man in custody. this man. his name is guy heinz jr. they locked him up yesterday on suspicion of tampering with evidence. lying to police. and possession of drugs. he made a 911 call that sounded frantic on saturday from a neighbor's home. here, listen to this. >>
7:23 pm
suspect shepard: well, police say as a motive there isn't one, not that they know of. they have no idea, they tell us hot killer or killers may be. and that has left the town of brunswick on edge. jonathan serrie is monitoring this from our southeast
7:24 pm
newsroom. on that 911 call we heard the man hynes say it looked like his relatives had been beaten to death. anything of interest to come out of that recording? >> yeah. also on that recording we hear hynes go back into the home to check on his family and there he encounters a cousin named michael. >> >> 19-year-old michael torl was taken to a hospital in savanna but later died. police are being very tight-lipped about this investigation saying they don't want to jeopardize the investigation but also conceding
7:25 pm
there are a lot of things they simply don't know. shep? shepard: jonathan serrie live for us and reporting from atlanta tonight. remember when the government handed out billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out the banks? well, there are new reports that say the feds have turned a big profit on those loans. now one lawmaker, one lawmaker wants the government to open its books for us all to see. so just how much profit are we talking about here? and what could it mean for us? that's next.
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shepard: they are missing for so long that the u.s. coast guard gave up on searching for them. but somehow three fishermen from texas survived eight days on top of their capsized boat out at sea. the men say they fell asleep in the gulf of mexico and that when they woke up the boat was filling with water. they tell us they spent the next eight days rationing their bubble gum, crackers, beer and chips. and using a hose to suck fresh water out of a tank on that boat. we're told they were 1 0 miles off the shore when a man who was fishing in his yacht finally spotted the three guys. >> we turned the boat around. we went a quarter mile. then we saw something. we got the binoculars out and we started looking. he said there is somebody wave ago flag. so immediately we called the coast guard. >> he just gave me a second chance at life. and now i am not going to take it for granted. shepard: the men say there were sharks swarming all around but that the worst part was the
7:30 pm
heat. which at times caused them, they tell us, to hallucinate. i'm shepard smith. you are on the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. iran. iran could be just one or two years away from having a nuclear weapon. that's what the president of israel is saying in an interview with fox news bret baier. u.s. intelligence estimates that it's more like three years but the u.n.'s atomic watchdog reports iran is actually slowing down its nuclear program. jennifer griffin works the pentagon. she is there tonight. you have a copy of that report, right, jen? >> that's right. right here. in fact what they found and this is the first time in three years that the output of enriched uranium has slowed. there were 3 centrifuges fewer than there were in june. the mystery gets deeper. they don't know whether this is politically motivated or a technical glitch.
7:31 pm
shepard: the israelis say that's just not true, right. >> they are not buying it as you mentioned bret baier interviewed president sherri money perez. here is what he said. >> do you have any confidence in iaea -- stronger than institutions. institutions shouldn't lag behind the realities. >> and some worry, shep, that israel may go it alone militarily against iran. shepard: you know vice president cheney talked about the military option in his interview with chris wallace over the weekend. >> that's right. in fact, he said that he had wanted to -- option he put it here is what he said. >> it wasn't my decision to make. >> would you have favored military action? >> i was probably a bigger
7:32 pm
advocate of military action than any of my colleagues. >> in the end, he was outnumbered. shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon tonight. in israel, that fox news interview with president shimon peres that i just mentioned a moment ago. he told bret baire that renewed peace talks with the palestinians may once again be on the horse. according to perez binning netanyahu plans to meet with mahmoud abbas. he said that president obama may also attend. here, listen. >> >> i think they are going to meet by middle of september. the president obama will chair it and i think at least there is a chance that they will decide to reopen the negotiations. shepard: a chance. a major sticking point for negotiations. controversial israeli settlements in the west bank. they just keep expanding. once that hurdle is cleared, if
7:33 pm
it's cleared, we're told peace talks could then resume. an update now on an ohio teen who says she ran away from home because she feared her life was in danger after she converted from islam to christianity. her lawyer now alleges the family's mosque in ohio has ties to terrorists. this is rifqa barry who says that when her muslim family found out that she recently converted to christianity, her father threatened to kill her. she is now said to be in florida. and in a statement filed today, the 17-year-old claims that islamic cultural center in suburban columbus, ohio, has hosted extremist speakers and supported a scholar with ties to the group hamas. the center's director denies those claims. the economy now and after putting billions of our tax dollars at risk, you might say, tonight we're getting word that the government is finally starting to turn a profit from the bank bailouts. it's been nearly a year since the financial meltdown rattled investors on wall street and
7:34 pm
beyond and raised doubts about the security of the banking system. doubts which caused the stock market to tumble. remember it was last august when the fed warned that risks in the market had grown considerably. then early september the u.s. government seized control of troubled mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. the next week the feds refused to save the investment banking firm lehman brothers from filing from bankruptcy protection but then agreed to lend money to prop up the insurance giant a.i.g. then came september 2 th. congress reject a bill to free up hundreds of billions of dollars to deal with the troubled banks, leading to the single biggest point drop in the i had history of the dow jones industrial average. lawmakers eventually passed the bill just a few days later. and now the bailout is finally starting to pay off it would seem. the government reports billions of dollars in profits. details now from peter varnes of the fox business network who is live at the business desk. how much money are we talking about here peter? >> well, shepard, the "new york times" analyzing the government's investments and
7:35 pm
financial firms estimates that taxpayers have earned about $4 billion on investments in just 8 of the biggest banks. a 15% return. now the treasury department says those numbers are consistent with its estimates from profits from those particular investments in dividends and in firms buying back stock warrants held by the government as part of those deals. but for all of the 500 or so firms that the government invested in, it says the treasury department says the profits so far are closer to .5 billion. shepard: not bad, but this is not to say that massive losses are impossible now. >> that's right. we're not going to know how some of these investments will pan out for the taxpayers for some time. for example, the $70 billion the treasury invested in insurance giant a.i.g. and the 75 billion it has invested in general motors and chrysler. shepard? shepard: peter varnes at the business desk. thank you. southwest says it needs more time to replace unauthorized
7:36 pm
parts on some of its planes and jets. facing a federal aviation deadline of tomorrow, the flier originally told regulators that the parts were installed on 46 planes. now the company says that number is 82. f.a.a. officials have said that the unapproved parts do not pose an immediate safety hazard for anybody. but that they do need to be replaced. a southwest airlines spokeswoman also says the parts are safe but acknowledges they were made by a subcontractor, not approved for the work. the airline reports it has suspended the maintenance narm hired that subcontractor. how much do you think it would cost to buy spiderman or the x men? turns out it's about 4 billion. disney announcing today it plans to buy an icon of the comic book business. it's a deal that would give disney control of marvel's 5,000 characters. includes spidey and the x men, as well as iron man, captain
7:37 pm
america fantastic four and the hulk. they have made more than $3 billion in u.s. ticket sales alone. fan boys and girls have been critical saying it would effect the comic artist creativity and freedom. disney reports it's been broadening your choice in entertainment. the deal still needs antitrust review. we show you car chases here all the time. but not many like this. the driver in this case is 9 years old. and part of a fox trip across america. indiana, police chased the boy for more than 10 miles. officers say the hot pursuit hit speeds up to 80 miles an hour. the assistant police chief says the kid stole his mother's keys and took off because he wanted to see a friend. >> he was upset that they told him he had to come in and quit playing. he was mad and took off. shepard: police used a spike strip to stop the car after chasing him for about 30 minutes. they arrested the boy and turned him over to his parents. nobody hurt.
7:38 pm
florida. sergeant tony melina is on his third tour of duty in iraq. he didn't miss the birth of his baby son in clearwater. the soldier witnessed the entire birth thanks to a web cam and a lot of coordination. >> he was on camera and i could see him. and hear him and then he could see me. >> dad will reportedly see his son face to face in november. shepard: texas. the air temperature in austin was in the 90's but that was cool compared to how an estimated 15,000 people felt at austin's hot sauce festival. about 350 restaurants and companies get a chance to show off their special hot sauce. it's all for a good cause. the festival benefits a local foodbank and it's part of a fox watch across america. shepard: there is a major hurricane blowing off the west coast of mexico and threatening the baja. hurricane jimena bearing down on the baja peninsula.
7:39 pm
we have just gotten an update from the national hurricane center a little bit early. this thing is a monster. what the storm could mean for the area's countless beach resorts. plus, it's the sort of illness that is usually deadly for the very old and the very young. but tonight there are brand new questions about the h1n1 flu. now that it's apparently killed a healthy young policeman in just a few weeks. that's next. quality and reliability...
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shepard: he was just 27 years old. a healthy, physically fit police officer in new york city. his family said he never had any major health problems. this summer he got what turned out to be the h1n1 virus. less than two months after he first went to the emergency room with chest pains, officer ryan johnson is dead. and thousand his parents robert and barbara are speaking out. warning all the rest of us to be prepared because this flu is on the way. we're tracking h1n1.
7:43 pm
and "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom with. this jonathan, we have heard movies the cases of people who died had preexisting conditions of some sort. in this case it appears he did not. >> charter, shep. barbara johnson is devastated of the death of her son. she had to go through the heart breaking nightmare of just watching him die. there was nothing she nor the doctors could do to save him. and what's surprised mrs. johnson most was that according to her, is he was in the prime of his life. she told the new york daily news, in fact, is he young, he was healthy. he was going to the gym. he was in good shape. but according to doctors, ryan johnson was in one particular risk group for h1n1. and it is a very large group. anyone born after 1957. people born before that date were exposed to a similar flu virus so have some immunity. but anyone born later than 1957 has not been exposed and so has no immunity. doctors also say, shep, that the fact that ryan johnson was given a nebraska plizzer to help his
7:44 pm
breathing after his first hospital visit in june might indicate he had underlying issues with asthma. issues that neither he nor his parents might have been aware of. >> asthma can come and go. it can be seasonal. some people need medication, some don't there are a lot of people out there with asthma that don't know it you might only know it when you get something like the flu. >> barbara johnson says, shep, her hope now is that her son's death will be a wakeup call to everyone that h1n1 is coming this flu season. that people should be prepared and above all, should realize that it can strike ant kill even the seemingly young and fit. shep? shepard: jonathan hunt live in our new york newsroom. well, a fox weather alert now. hurricane jim that is a monster and getting stronger. it's a category 4 storm right on the border with category 56789 maximum sustained winds now 155 miles per hour. that's the update out 15 minutes
7:45 pm
early from the national hurricane center. right now it's over the pacific and heading toward mexico's resort rich baja peninsula. the storm just a few hundred miles from cab ba st. lucas. it could get stronger as it heads over land. like reichmuth is the in the hd weather center tonight. what are the chances of it hitting anywhere near us. >> we might see rain across southern arizona. maybe by friday. that would be welcome news. we have a very dangerous storm. 155 mile-per-hour sustained winds, shepard. one below category 56789 we are talking about a potentially devastating storm here. it is certainly going to impact baja, california and maybe the cabo san lucas. we are going to start to see the winds and the rain move. in forecasters say probably about a category 4 storm all the way until it makes landfall. this is very mountainous terrain it will ring all of the moisture out of the storm. we will be talking about major flooding and landslides from
7:46 pm
this storm as well. shepard, i do want to move out across the atlantic because we have a new system that we are beginning to watch. potentially erica. and tomorrow we are going to have the hurricane hunters going in to investigate this storm. seeing if it is a tropical storm. i have got to del you these models are a little bit interesting. some of these in about three days from now. potentially looking at a hurricane somewhere around maybe the bahamas and potentially this one could be an east coast storm for us. maybe the early part of next week. we will be watching that. certainly the busy season, shepard. shepard: i will say it is. rick reichmuth, thanks a lot. those health care town halls are starting to draw crowds. could that be why there is actual talk on capitol hill of a complete do-over on the president's reform? we will report. you decide coming up.
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shepard: senator ted kennedy called health care reform the cause of my lifetime. some of the fellow democrats say congress should come up with a compromise bill in his honor. republicans are saying it's time to ditch all the bills and start over from scratch. steve brown is in kansas city with that story tonight. steve? >> would congress after months of debate study take a mulligan and retee up health care? what would be the motivation? after all in the u.s. senate, the democrats there even after ted kennedy's death have 5 the votes. that's an overwomenning majority that's one short of being filibuster eye proof. illinois senate illinois dick durbin said today he was not sure he has got all 59 of those democrats on board with health care reform in the first place. >> we need a bipartisan bill. we are working with three republican senators now to try to bring them in to make this bipartisan. >> well, three republican
7:51 pm
senators holding an invitation health care here in kansas city today say the way to get a bipartisan health care bill done is to have the republicans involved from go. for the republican leader in the senate, that means starting over. >> we ought to step back, start over, and target the individual problems that we know we have related to cost and access. and drop the notion of putting the government in charge of all of american health care. >> that last line, government in charge of all american health care, that's the kind of stuff that urks the obama administration. white house spokesman robert gibbs talking today during the press briefing saying that he finds it's not helpful to the process to have republicans talking about bipartisanship and then talking about the same old anti-health care reform lines. and again today, out there in the missouri, democratic senator clair mccaskill faced another one of those sometimes rowdy town hall meetings. republicans say given the month of august that the democrats have had. given that polling numbers about
7:52 pm
health care reform is slipping, why wouldn't they invite us to the table to get something done that everybody likes? so far the democrats haven't answered. shep? shepard: steve brown live in kansas city. remember carrie bree january? she is back in the news and she is suing pageant officials. she is accusing them of libel and slander and religious discrimination. carrie prejanuary prejean was first runner-up during the miss u.s.a. pageant. she lost because she answered the question saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman. carrie then lost her crown because the pageant said she missed several pageant appearances. now she is accusing the pageant to stop mentioning god even before our controversial remark on marriage. one of the pageant's says it does not -- brand new protection for some of baseball's hottest prospects and maybe for some of
7:53 pm
its biggest stars as well. minor league baseball today announced hitters, batters, will have to wear a specialized new helmet starting next year. they call it the s-100. made by rawlings. the company says it protects against pitches a lot harder and faster than current helmets can handle three major league pitchers sidelined after pitches hit them in the head that could be changing the way the guys in the big show look at the new helmets. >> it's one of the few frightening moments you will ever see during america's past time. twice in one day. batter was hit in the top of the head by a pitch >> new york mets third baseman david wright suffered a concussion two weeks ago when he was beamed by a 4 mile-per-hour fast ball. if he returns from the injured list this week, he says he will be wearing a new helmet. >> the one is gigantic.
7:54 pm
>> the rawlings 1-100 is 4 to 6 ounces heavier and thicker than current helmets surviving four years of testing. >> with cannons firing thousands of hard balls at fake heads wearing the upgraded armor. darryl strawberry says they are a great idea. >> i got hit in the head one time and it's not nice. >> the rawlings company says the s-100 can withstand pitches up to 100 miles per hour. while current helmets only offer protection against pitches in the 70 mile-per-hour range. every major league team has six. players aren't rushing to wear them. some think the lids are just too big. >> i understand there needs to be a little more protection but they look ridiculous. >> chicago cubs pitcher ryan dempster may have been first to wear one in the game. he said he felt like his own bobble head day. >> i think he could do without the clock radio and air conditioner in it. >> they will be mandatory for minor leaguers but not big
7:55 pm
leaguers. the hope is the younger player also get used to them and wear them when they get called up and established players will care less how they look and more about sur viferg the next hitter to the head. in new york, rick legislative that you will, fox news. >> it's been 40 years since police ruled that a rock legend's death was an accident. but investigators are suddenly taking another look at what may have killed one-time rolling stones guitarist brian jones. why now? that's next. i never thought i would have a heart attack, but i did. you need to talk to your doctor about aspirin. you need to be your own advocate. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you take care of your kids, now it's time to take care of yourself.
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@wwalmart checks other stores' schoprices,lies? and they'll match any advertised price. so instead of searching for "deals" out there... you can go back to school for less, right here. save money. live better. walmart. shepard: he was a founding member of the rolling stones and one of the most famous musicians of 1960's, brian jones drowned in 1969 and now police in britain are said to be reopening the investigation. they found him dead in the bottom of a pool. death ruled death by misadventure. rumors swird swirled that somebody murdered him. a dying handyman claimed to have
7:59 pm
killed the man. could shed new light on that case. top story update now. los angeles police say raging wildfires have trapped five people in the area. rescue operation would be too dangerous. and police and other police in california say they found a small unidentified bone fragment in the yard of phillip garrido's neighbor. police are holding him in connection with with the 1991 abduction of little jaycee dugard. and on this day in 1948, los angeles cops cuffed and stuffed roger for possession of marijuana. at the time michigan -- mitchum was arrested for main. weighs partying with a young lady's house. he tossed a cigarette pack full of joints on to the table. they all started to smoke up and then along came the cops. michigan chum said ler


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